Jeremy Aceto/Refig Murshed - Deli/Smoke Shop

Summary from Board Meeting held on March 02, 2022

Refig Murshed (Applicant)/Jeremy Aceto (Property Owner)

Site Plan 7303 E. Main Street (302.004-2-53)  

Business change from Cappo’s Deli to a deli/smoke shop. Paperwork received by applicant does not have Mr. Aceto’s signature. Applicant came to Town Board Meeting on 2/14/22 saying he was told to attend that meeting by Patrick. Town Board advised Mr. Murshed that he needs to appear before the Joint ZBA/Planning Board. 

Excerpts from meeting minutes:

March 02, 2022
The Board received a Site Plan Application from Mr. Refig Murshed who is leasing property from Mr. Jeremy Aceto located at 7303 East Main Street (302.004-2-53) for a proposed deli grocery/smoke shop.  This would be a business change from the previous business that occupied this property.  Joseph explained to Mr. Murshed that the application and supporting documentation submitted was incorrectly completed and not signed by Mr. Aceto who is the property owner.  The Board is unable to accept the application as submitted.  Mr. Murshed stated that due to his lack of reading and writing English skills, he struggles with completing the application.  Joseph suggested that Mr. Murshed obtain a lawyer to help him navigate through the paperwork.  Mr. Murshed said that he cannot hire a lawyer due to financial constraints.  Joseph then suggested that Mr. Murshed reach out to Patrick Baron, Building Inspector, for assistance.  Mr. Murshed was provided with a new application to complete and will re-appear before the Board once the application is correctly completed.

Local Law passed, making it illegal to operate a smoke shop at the proposed location. 

Subsequently, there were no completed forms or application filed by Aceto/Murshed and no further action on this matter.