Aceto, Jeremy (Property Owner) & Jones, John (Applicant)

Summary from Board Meeting held on February 01, 2022

John Jones (Applicant)/Jeremy Aceto (Property Owner)

Site Plan Modification

7295 W. Main Street (302.004-1-11)

Business change from Daylight Donuts to Midway Diner. Received very little paperwork 

on this case, and what we did receive was not completed and on incorrect forms.

Excerpts from meeting minutes:

The Board was approached by Mr. John Jones who is leasing property from Mr. Jeremy Aceto located at 7295 West Main Street (302.004-1-11) and is interested in opening a diner.  This would be a business change from what was previously located on this portion of the property.  The previous business, Daylight Donuts, closed down and portion of the property has been vacant for quite some time.  Roger Potenski explained to Mr. Jones that a new Application for Site Plan Approval with accompanying documentation is required from the property owner for review due to a change of business in this location.  The paperwork supplied by Mr. Jones was incomplete and not signed by Mr. Aceto who is the property owner.  This case was tabled until Mr. Jones can complete the required applications and obtain Mr. Aceto’s signature on the applications.

(Editor's note: later on, during the meeting, Mr. Jones returned with properly signed documents related to the application)

Discussion resumed regarding the case of Mr. Jones who is leasing property from Mr. Jeremy Aceto located at 7295 West Main Street (302.004-1-11) and proposing to open a diner.  Mr. Jones obtained the property owner’s (Mr. Aceto) signature on all the required paperwork.  Mr. Jones stated that there will be no changes to the outside of the building except the name on the existing signage.  There are no changes to the parking lot or exterior lighting.  He also mentioned that he will be sharing a dumpster with Franco’s Pizzeria.  The diner will potentially be open 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and will have both a drive through and an inside eatery.  The first two weeks that the business will be open will be drive through service only until Mr. Jones gets a better idea of customer usage.  Discussion was held on the fire system within the building.  It’s a “wet” system with sprinklers in the kitchen area.  The Board requested Mr. Jones to add more information such as hours of operation, dumpster usage, etc. to the Site Plan Application.  Discussion was held on allowing the Site Plan Drawing from the previous business to be used for this case as there will be no physical changes being made to the exterior property and the same equipment on the inside will be utilized.


13   Scott Toukatly made a motion to accept and approve the Site Plan Application of Mr. Jeremy Aceto to operate a diner (Midway Diner) at his property located at 7295 West Main Street (302.004-1-11) just as the previous business (Daylight Donuts) with no physical changes to the exterior and hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. seven days a week; motion was seconded by Paul Kulpa; Joseph Malecki voted Yes; Roger Potenski voted Yes; Chuck Smith voted Yes; John Smith voted Yes; Fran Szarek voted Yes; motion carried.


14  Roger Potenski made a motion to waive the Public Hearing for the Site Plan Application for Midway Diner; motion was seconded by John Smith; Paul Kulpa voted Yes; Joseph Malecki voted Yes; Chuck Smith voted Yes; Fran Szarek voted Yes; Scott Toukatly voted Yes; motion carried.